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Dr. Marjorie Crandall, Owner, Yeast Consulting Services

Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services


Are you one of the millions suffering
from yeast infections?

You should not have to endure symptoms of yeast infections for weeks or months – or even years! – when definitive diagnostic tests, effective antiyeast treatments and preventive programs are available.

This website offers all the information you need to overcome yeast infections and related yeast allergies.

Welcome to Yeast Consulting Services!

My name is Dr. Marjorie Crandall. I am a Ph.D. microbiologist with expertise in infectious diseases. I am a Candida researcher and former Candida patient. In order to cure my own yeast problems, I started pursuing academic research on Candida in 1978. The knowledge I gained about Candida yeast infections allowed me to recover my former good health in the mid-1980s.

At that point, I realized that my unique perspective would allow me to help other patients who were suffering from chronic candidiasis. So, in 1988, I founded Yeast Consulting Services. The mission of YCS is to provide accurate information to help patients overcome yeast infections and yeast allergies.

Help for patients with yeast infections

Paperback Book

OVERCOMING YEAST INFECTIONS: A Ten-Step Program of Medical Care and Self-Help for Candidiasis” was published on Amazon in March of 2023. Use this link to purchase book:

The eBook is forthcoming on Amazon. If you sign up on this website to receive Yeast Updates, you will be notified when the eBook is available for sale, and you will receive updates on current topics about yeast infections.

The ten-step program of diagnostic tests, effective antiyeast treatments, and preventive steps explained in the book are effective. Read these testimonials written by people just like you who have found relief from their symptoms, and are on the road to recovery, or have been cured of their chronic yeast infections.

Physician Referrals
A list of Physician Referral Services is on this YCS website. If you go to the websites of these referral services, you can ask them to provide the names of doctors who treat yeast infections in your city in the U.S. You can also request referrals to doctors who diagnose and treat chronic  yeast infections from the websites listed for laboratories in Table 7 on page 105 of my book. However, I strongly urge patients to stay with their own personal physicians. They know your risk factors for yeast infections and your medical history. Ask for the tests recommended in my ten-step program. If they are positive, then ask for the effective anti-yeast therapies explained in my program. And don’t forget to follow antifungal prophylaxis maintenance after your symptoms resolve. I sincerely hope that you can find a doctor who will devise a treatment plan tailor-made for your individual yeast problems.

Dr. Crandall
My academic credentials are summarized in my Biography and details are listed under Teaching, Publications, Lectures and Interviews.

In addition to my book and patient counseling, I provide these professional services:

  • expert witness testimony for legal cases

  • consulting on research projects developing new antifungals and Candida diagnostics

My best wishes for your speedy recovery,

Marjorie Crandall, Ph.D.

Founder and Owner
Yeast Consulting Services


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