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“OVERCOMING YEAST INFECTIONS: A Ten-Step Program of Medical Care and Self-Help for Candidiasis” was published on Amazon in March of 2023. Use this link to purchase book:

The eBook is forthcoming on Amazon. If you sign up on this website to receive Yeast Updates, you will be notified when the eBook is available for sale, and you will receive updates on current topics about yeast infections.

You may be asking yourself - "How does this book differ from the many popular books on yeast infections that I have already read?"

My guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Candida infections and Candida allergy are based on scientifically proven information from published controlled clinical trials.

I wrote this book because, despite all that has been published, patients are still having trouble getting proper medical care for yeast-related illnesses.

What information will you find in my book to help you conquer chronic yeast infections?

Part One: The Controversy explains why it is so difficult for patients to obtain proper medical care for yeast infections. Criticisms by academic skeptics are answered by my presentation of the scientific evidence for the existence of the yeast syndrome.
My Dear Candida Patient letter explains how to obtain testing and treatment for yeast infections and yeast allergies.
My Dear Doctor letter emphasizes the new scientific evidence for the existence of the yeast syndrome and suggests a treatment protocol.
Also included in Part One is My Story, in which I describe my battle with yeast infections and my decision to write this book in order to help other patients recover from chronic yeast infections.

Part Two: Symptoms describes yeast infections at various body sites, from the vagina to skin, nails, the intestine, bloodstream, and deep organs. Detailed information is given about symptoms of the yeast syndrome are produced by Candida byproducts, diet, and the immune system.

Part Three: Diagnosis includes a questionnaire based on a controlled clinical study that helps to identify patients who have chronic yeast infections. My Ten Step Program of self-help and medical care for overcoming yeast infections and yeast allergies is outlined, and then information is given about the proper tests needed to diagnose yeast infections and yeast allergies, and laboratories that perform them.

Part Four: Treatment presents the different kinds of antifungal medicines, their efficacy, safety, cost and dosage. Precautions about drug side effects and “yeast die-off” symptoms are discussed. The importance of yeast allergy testing and treatment is stressed. Pros and cons of natural remedies are debated. A justification letter that will help you receive coverage for medical care from your health insurance company is also included.

Part Five: Prevention explains how to avoid recurrences of yeast infections by making lifestyle changes, and what to do if some risk factors for candidiasis are unavoidable. Evidence for the Candida Diet and use of probiotics is presented.

Part Six: Management discusses control of yeast infections in women, men and children. The connection of yeast infections to vulvodynia is explained. Patients are cautioned about self-treatment with OTC products, which can lead to misdiagnosis and delays in getting proper treatment.

The Appendix includes lists of Resources and Physicians Referral Services, plus two of my scientific reprints on candidiasis.

In short, my book contains everything you need to know about conquering Candida and regaining your former good health.


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