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Dr. Marjorie Crandall, Owner, Yeast Consulting Services

Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services


You may want an evaluation because you need help obtaining medical care from your physician and/or reimbursement from your health insurance.

As you know, the candidiasis hypersensitivity syndrome is still a controversial diagnosis despite all of the published controlled clinical studies proving it is a real disease. The controversy was created by academic skeptics who wrote negative position papers claiming that the yeast syndrome is quackery. As a consequence, most community physicians now deny patients much needed medical care for yeast-related illnesses.

If your personal physician refuses to read my Information Packet and order the recommended diagnostic tests for Candida overgrowth and yeast allergy, you will have to find another doctor to order these tests. Names of practitioners knowledgeable about the yeast syndrome are given on the 12 Web sites of referral services listed in my packet. Click on Physician Referrals.

You will have to pay out of pocket for: 1) physicians outside your health insurance network, 2) diagnostic tests for Candida, and 3) my consulting fees.

If your Candida test results come back positive, show them to your primary care physician and ask for the proper treatments. Or you can ask me to review your test results and write an evaluation of your case to be given to your doctor. If she or he is persuaded by your history of risk factors, current symptoms and positive test results for Candida overgrowth and Candida allergy, hopefully your doctor will prescribe antifungals and allergy shots of Candida extract plus other allergens.

If your health insurance refuses to cover these treatments, you can use my packet and written evaluation of your case as the basis for your appeal to the grievance committee. There are several steps in the appeal process with your health insurance company that you can pursue on your own without a lawyer.

If you are seeking disability coverage or a leave of absence from your employment due to illness caused by candidiasis, my evaluation would be useful as a certification of illness. It will help to prove that you are unable to work as a result of your yeast-related illness.

Long-term treatments for Candida infection and Candida allergy are necessary and expensive. They should be prescribed by your doctors and covered by your health insurance. I can assist you during your quest for a cure, and at all stages of the appeal process. I can also present expert witness testimony at any legal proceedings. In such instances, additional consulting fees plus travel expenses would apply.

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