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Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services



These testimonials from Dr. Crandall’s clients were submitted to Yeast Consulting Services for publication on this Web site. Statements have been edited for brevity, spelling, grammar and removal of identifiers.

Ilona in New York (2007):

“Dear Dr. Crandall: Your Ten Step Program is really "preventative." When I don't abide by its rules, I become susceptible to another yeast infection. When I follow the program (and some of the sage, experience-oriented, advice you've given me during consults), I don't get yeast infections. In my case, I have Lyme Disease, so I am periodically on an antibiotic regimen, which would inevitably cause a Candida outbreak. But if I follow the advice you gave me for antifungal prophylaxis, I am able to recover quite well. Yeast, as you mentioned, is always present in the body, and, in a sense, is "incurable." So I would be wary of using the word "cured" as opposed to "recovered."
The biggest compliment I can offer you is that you back your writing completely! You are approachable and willing to answer questions. Because you do telephone consultations, you are more available and involved with your clients and reading audience than most doctors are with their patients. 
My nightmare experience with candidiasis began when symptoms started building after I was put on a long-term regimen of antibiotics for Lyme Disease. Yeasts might also have been passed back and forth sexually between me and my partner. In addition, I had undiagnosed Candida allergy.  Doctors couldn't help me because the things they prescribed often triggered bad side effects, and the oral antifungals they had me on didn't put a dent in the Candida reaction I had from being on antibiotics for months at a time.
My third gynecologist, who knew nothing about how to treat me, referred me to a so-called "specialist" who was a 70 year old man. It was my first encounter with a male gynecologist, and it was like being thrown back in time. He sent my vaginal smears to the lab, and they came back negative for yeast. This result threw me over the edge. He responded in kind by saying "I don't know what to tell you." I thought I was doomed.
I had every symptom of a vaginal yeast infection, but creams and other treatments for this condition only made it worse. It was bad enough seeking proper treatment for Lyme Disease (as no doctor had a standard treatment regimen for that disease either), but now it hurt terribly to urinate, sit, or have sex!
None of my doctors would research this issue for me, or even give me any kind of consoling words. If I just wanted to ask if they could help me in any way, I still had to make appointments to see them. These office visits ruined my daily schedule and, to add insult to injury, I had to pay them big money just to be told afterwards that they had nothing to give me in return.
Luckily I was aware enough to know I was having some sort of "yeast thing." So I did an Internet search and found your Web site. I called about your packet, and you immediately called me back! You were a phone call away, you'd been through similar experiences, and you had answers! You were the first one to pay attention to the diary I had kept of my symptoms, which turned out to be vulvodynia.
The irony is that after I read through your packet and had phone consultations with you, I still had to play doctor myself! Every time I gave your packet to someone in the medical field, instead of them looking at it seriously and calling you up to find out what you were about, they would just throw it back at me saying it was just another Internet scam!
So I learned how to arm myself with the knowledge from your packet and no longer regarded anyone in the medical profession as being smarter than me. I went from doctor to doctor until I finally found one who would listen to me.
My current doctor is pretty compliant. He is under the notion that patients sometimes do know their own body better than doctors. He's young, and hip, and a bit more on the fringe maybe, but has helped me recover from a blistering yeast situation that would otherwise be out of control by now without proper yeast treatments.
It turns out that my condition was complicated by Candida allergy. I got tested by an allergist, as you suggested; my reaction to the Candida test antigen was minimal, but positive. Now I know that whenever I'm on antibiotics for any reason, I have to take antifungals to prevent a recurrence of yeast vaginitis. Therefore, I ask my doctors to please write me a script for Diflucan and my insurance covers it! Unfortunately, I'm moving to another state and I'm dreading having to educate a new physician.
I am so glad I found you, Dr. Crandall. You were a respectable being in a medical world of people who only dealt with delivering babies and common colds. You are a person who listens and understands, not just someone to make an appointment with and then be told the same things over and over again.  You were also a victim and rose above your circumstance to help others. That in itself is remarkable, and more genuine than any licensed physician who, through their own ignorance of the disease, denies patients proper treatments and condemns patients to needless suffering.”

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Christy (2006):

“Approximately six years ago, I took my seven year old son in for an immunization. This was the beginning of a two-year long nightmare. Within days of the immunization, he started showing signs of ADDH. So we tried conventional treatment. After several months on Adderall, he spent his days crying, rocking back and forth while sitting, or fell into a complete rage. At this point, I was tired of arguing with his pediatrician. We stopped giving him Adderall and I started doing research on unconventional methods for treatment. I was in my final year of school studying biochemistry and genetics, so I wasn't buying the explanations of his pediatrician. 

By the time I found a holistic doctor, my son was practically autistic. I would look into my child's eyes and he wasn't there. After consuming certain foods, he had physical symptoms that I could observe. For example, his pupils became dilated. It was the most frightening thing I had ever been through. I had little support since most people thought he was just having temper tantrums all the time due to a lack of discipline and criticized me for not giving him his Ritalin.

The holistic physician had several approaches and we could see progress. However, after several months, the doctor eased up on treatment whereas I felt he needed to be more aggressive. The alternative doctor focused mainly on homeopathic remedies, which didn't seem to help the underlying problem.

So we decided to try three different methods on our own. One was avoiding foods that my son was sensitive to. This helped for a while, but eventually he developed sensitivities to almost everything. I also tried a more environmental approach, eliminating preservatives, additives, any food that wasn't organic, etc. Finally, I started giving my son a Diflucan tablet twice a month. He had been on acidophilus since he had initially gone to the holistic physician. After the first month we saw dramatic improvement, so I decreased the Diflucan by half and added nystatin. This was it! My son recovered so much that now he no longer needs to take prescription medications.

I concluded that the immunization lowered his immune system, allowing yeast to flourish, which produced the leaky gut syndrome. We're now very careful about avoiding yeast overgrowth. Would my son still be autistic today if I hadn't read Dr. Crook’s book, “The Yeast Connection” and then taken charge of his care?

Thank you for continuing Dr. Crook's work. I hope he realized how many lives he touched and improved. I just wish I could have said to him, "Thank you for helping to bring my child back to me.”

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