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Dr. Marjorie Crandall, Owner, Yeast Consulting Services

Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services


Many Candida patients have told me that they are so disabled by chronic candidiasis that they cannot work. They are on state disability and their monthly payment won't cover services for outside practitioners. Some patients have gone into debt paying for alternative procedures and supplements that did not work for their yeast condition.

To make the situation worse, most physicians do not believe in the yeast syndrome and won't even order diagnostic tests let alone provide proper medical treatments. So these Candida patients are caught between a rock and a hard place!

If that scenario describes your situation, you need a plan! The scientifically proven tests and treatments in my Ten-Step Program are expensive. You cannot hope to receive these services and medical care for free. You have to take control of your life.

I suggest that you take out a loan from your bank or home equity line of credit. Or ask a friend or relative to lend you money or give you credit card privileges.

Buy my Candida Information Packet. Learn what tests and treatments you need to get your health back. Find out what caused the Candida controversy and learn the evidence for the existence of the yeast syndrome. Find a doctor in my list of Physician Referral Services. Call their office and ask if the doctor offers the diagnostic tests explained in Step 1 of my program.

Before you go in for your doctor's appointment, call me for a phone consult. I can help you avoid pitfalls and save you a lot of time, money and grief. I have devoted my career to helping Candida patients and keep my fees accessible. After you read my packet and discuss your case with me, you will be prepared to ask for the appropriate tests and treatments for Candida infection and Candida allergy.

If your tests are positive, take your test results back to your personal doctor and ask for appropriate medical care. If they still won't treat you, then you will have to pay for treatments out of pocket as well.

Get treated with antifungals and allergy shots. Make lifestyle changes to avoid risk factors. Follow the Candida diet and other steps in my program. Get your health back. Get a job. Get off disability. Make some money. Pay back the loan. Start living a normal life again. How does that plan sound?

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