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Patient Evaluation

$200 for a written report with one revision

After counseling you on the telephone and reviewing your test results and medical records, I will be able to write up a summary of your case for your doctor.

The purpose of a written evaluation of your yeast condition is to help you obtain medical care from your personal physician and coverage from your health insurance. The report will contain the following information:

  • your history of risk factors for candidiasis
  • your current clinical signs and symptoms
  • your diagnostic test results for Candida infection and Candida allergy
  • recommendations for your individualized treatment plan

To prepare your evaluation, I will first need to consult with you on the telephone and obtain background information about your predisposing conditions for candidiasis. After you obtain testing for yeast infection and yeast allergy, I will review and interpret your test results with you during a follow-up consult. Then I will be able to write up a summary of your case.

I will send you the initial draft of the report and ask for your suggested revisions. When I get your approval on the revised evaluation, I will send a copy of the final report to your personal physician. Or I will send both copies to you and you can hand deliver the evaluation to your doctor at your next office visit. I suggest that you also give your doctor a copy of my Book.

Costs for preparing a patient evaluation include:

  • Written evaluation (with one revision) sent to patient plus doctor: $200
  • Additional revisions of evaluation: billed at $100/hour
  • Initial Phone Consult: $60 for up to 30 minutes plus $1/min thereafter
  • Review Test Results and medical records: $1/page
  • Follow-up consult: $15 for up to 15 minutes plus $1/min thereafter

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