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Dr. Marjorie Crandall, Owner, Yeast Consulting Services

Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services


Phone Consult

$60 for 30 minutes + $1/min afterwards

Call me for a telephone consultation at 310-375-1073 if you wish to discuss your case with a health care professional who understands yeast problems from first hand experience as well as from scientific research.

My unique insights into yeast-related problems are derived from:

  • my own recovery from recurrent yeast vaginitis and intestinal candidiasis
  • my 31-year university career in microbiology teaching and laboratory studies
  • my clinical and laboratory research on Candida at UCLA from 1980 to 1988
  • my ongoing literature research on candidiasis from 1978 to the present
  • my experience with counseling Candida patients from 1988 to the present

I will guide you through the confusing maze of myths, misconceptions and contradictory statements in popular books, on the Internet, and, yes, in medical journals as well.

I can save you time and money by explaining what tests and treatments are scientifically proven effective for Candida infection and Candida allergy, and what procedures are fraudulent.

I will be your advocate during all stages of your quest to overcome your yeast-related illnesses.

To facilitate your consult, send me a summary of your current symptoms, history of yeast infections, risk factors for candidiasis, Candida test results, and prescription drugs, antifungals, and supplements you are taking.

During your telephone consultation, you can:

  • describe your yeast symptoms in detail
  • identify your risk factors
  • learn what tests you should obtain
  • receive recommendations for treatments tailor-made for your case
  • find out how to prevent candidiasis from returning
  • receive answers to your questions

Since every patient is different, you need to individualize the medical treatments you receive and the lifestyle changes you make. The steps you take must be appropriate for your particular yeast problems. One size does not fit all!

Consulting Fees:

My minimum fee for a phone consult is $60 for up to 30 minutes plus $1 a minute thereafter. I have set my consulting fees at accessible levels so that I can help as many Candida patients as possible. You can deduct my fees on Schedule A of your 1040 income tax form if your medical expenses are above a certain percentage of your taxable income. Order a Phone Consult:


If you cannot afford my fees, you need a plan.


The best times to reach me are mornings and evenings, Pacific Time, including weekends. I make myself available for phone consults when most people are not at work.

If you live in the U.S., just call me. No appointment necessary. If I am not in my office, leave a message on my voice mail telling me when you will be available. I will make every effort to call you back at that time.

If you live in England or Europe, the best time to call me is after 5 p.m. your time. Send me an e-mail telling me the day, date and time you will call for a phone consult. I will reply by e-mail confirming your appointment for a phone consult and will make every effort to be by my telephone when you call.

Everything you need to know about overcoming yeast infections and yeast allergies is explained in my Book. Your consult would be more efficient if you would read my book and fill in these self-tests:

  • Symptom Questionnaire (validated by a controlled clinical trial of nystatin)
  • Diseases Mimicking Candidiasis
  • Checklist of Risk Factors

After reading my book and talking with me, you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to request appropriate medical care from your personal physician.

Click on Review Test Results, if you have already been tested for yeast infections and/or yeast allergies.


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