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Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services


Review Test Results

$1 per page

If you have already been tested for Candida infection and Candida allergy, you may want me to review your test results before you call me for a Phone Consult. I charge $1 per page to review laboratory test results and other medical records. Please send photocopies to me by postal mail. If you have just a few pages and want to fax them to me, first call 310-375-1073 and ask me to turn on my fax machine.

In addition to your test results, it would help me to understand your case better if you would also send me:

  • a summary of your medical history
  • medical records of other illnesses and predisposing conditions
  • your current symptoms
  • risk factors you think are causing your symptoms
  • drugs and medical treatments you have received recently
  • prescription medications you are taking now
  • over-the-counter supplements you are taking
  • a list of the questions you want me to answer

You may send this information by postal mail, fax or by e-mail, see the Contact Dr. Crandall page for contact information.

When you order this service online please update the quantity in the shopping cart to reflect the number of pages being sent; eg. if you have 12 pages to send, in the quantity box type 12 and then click the update cart button below. The total in the right hand column for that item should now say: $12.00USD.

Order a review of your test results, $1.00 per page


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When I have had a chance to review your materials, I will call you back to discuss your case. I will interpret your test results and answer your questions. After discussing your health problems with me, you will have the knowledge and self-confidence to ask your personal physician for the proper testing and treatment. Once we do a consult, I will have all of the information I need to write up your case as a Patient Evaluation.

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