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Dr. Crandall, Founder of Yeast Consulting Services



These testimonials from Dr. Crandall’s clients were submitted to Yeast Consulting Services for publication on this Web site. Statements have been edited for brevity, spelling, grammar and removal of identifiers.

As you read these testimonials, keep in mind that every patient is different. Your case may differ in terms of your symptoms, test results, response to therapy, and frequency of recurrences. These aspects of yeast infections depend on your risk factors and whether your treatments are effective.

Carla in Florida (2000):

Originally published on Vulvar Pain Forum Success Stories: “I got Dr. Crandall's information from her Web site – best $20 I have spent on this problem! – and brought this information to my gynecologist. The key to my personal recovery was long-term Diflucan, which Dr. Crandall talks about in her packet. Most doctors have never heard of taking Diflucan for so long. I used it for six months and had blood tests for liver function every two weeks. Monitoring is imperative on this regimen because Diflucan – in rare cases – can cause liver damage. Long-term antifungal therapy was one of the most important things that helped me get over chronic yeast. My advice to vulvodynia patients is to find a doctor you feel comfortable with, one that truly cares, even if you have to go to dozens of doctors to find one. It’s well worth it. Believe me, I had my share of doctors with attitudes. Also, never give up. If I had, I would still be that same raw rotten mess I was for a long time. I’m sure too that I would have had a breakdown in the process and who knows where my marriage would be now!”

Elizabeth in Virginia (2006):

“Dear Dr. Crandall: What you have shared in your literature helped change my life! Yours is the most comprehensive information available on the yeast syndrome at the cellular level. I return to your writings again and again because they have become the reference that I trust as I make my journey from sickness to health. You truly are a present day pioneer. I respect and admire you for your efforts to make inroads in this area of health. I feel like I am starting to get my health back for the first time in more than a year. I also want to thank you for being the strong woman that you are – a woman of courage and conviction who is willing to make a stand for what she knows is right. Many thanks.”

Scott in Kentucky (2007):

"If you or someone you know suffers from symptoms such as constant fatigue, unexplained skin rashes, and cravings for sugary foods, you need to read this packet. I struggled for years to understand my condition because conventional medicine did not have an answer for me. With the help of the information presented by Dr. Crandall, I was able to piece together a therapy program that has gotten me back on the road to recovery. I am grateful that this information is available, and I recommend the logical, step by step approach Dr. Crandall puts forth, not just to help you find out if Candida albicans is making you ill, but to put you on a protocol of real healing."

Ilona in New York (2007):

“At age 36, I had a consultation with Dr. Crandall about my yeast condition. Afterwards, I felt like, finally, I had found a voice of understanding and reason explaining the physical symptoms I'd been suffering from. All of my doctors, including gynecologists and urologists, seemed perplexed by my vaginal symptoms. Some prescribed the wrong medications and procedures, while others insisted that there was nothing they could do for me! After reading Dr. Crandall's Candida Information Packet, I was able to identify Candida allergy as one of my risk factors. Then I followed the guidelines in her Ten Step Program and am happy to report that I have fully recovered. I thank Dr. Crandall for her dedicated research and perseverance in sharing her scientific findings in order to benefit other patients. Women like me have felt hopeless in their battle against an uncaring and uninformed medical establishment and a disease that occurs frequently in women. Her advice has saved my sex life and helped me regain my health and optimism.”

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Christy (2006):

“Dear Dr. Crandall: It was my intention to write Dr. Crook a thank you letter. But I read on your Web site that he has passed away. It upsets me that I never took the time to thank him on behalf of my entire family. So, I want to say thank you to you for continuing his work. Dr. Crook's book helped our family in the following way.”

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